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Bluetooth headsets

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I just purchased a QX60 with the theater package. The remote and the wireless headsets were not included when the leased vehicle was turned in. Will any aftermarket wireless head phones work? I can do without the expensive remote.
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For our 2016, we just purchased cheap ones from Amazon and they work fine. But my car is infrared and not Bluetooth; so the headphones have to be right in front of the screen. Do you have a more recent model year and it’s BT?
I assumed it is bluetooth, but it's a 2016 and research says infrared, so I will order a set. The remote is also missing.
I also bought a relatively inexpensive 2 pack of headphones off amazon (I had 4 kids in the back, so needed two more to avoid serious fights on road trips LOL). They work great. They also work when we take our Sienna minivan w/ entertainment package. So I was glad that they worked in both of our family road trip vehicles.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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