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Black on black QX60 fully loaded with only 5000km in Calgary

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Hi All,

I have been lurking around here for a while. This vehicle is one amazing car, and I absolutely love it. However, we will be moving out of Canada, which totally sucks. We are confused between two choices, which is why I am trying to initially sell the vehicle in Canada before leaving. I am aware that the vehicle is also being sold in the market that I will be going to, but the warranty may not carry onwards.

There are a total of 5000km on the vehicle, approximately.

The vehicle is fully loaded with every package available from Infiniti.

It is Obsidian Black with black interior and wood trim.

I am located in the Calgary area. Please PM me if interested for contact details. Thanks!
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good luck with sale
with that combination of color and mileage, it should get scooped up rather quickly.
I just bought mine this Monday. If i see this prior to that, I would have seriously consider yours. Wish you luck with the sale.
Thanks guys! Jasper, wish this worked out earlier :( Hope you're enjoying your new ride; this is one **** of a great vehicle!

I was pissed off with Hyatt Infiniti (Calgary) this weekend. I went there just to see if they do any sort of buybacks. For a car that I paid close to 67000 CAD, they had the guts to offer me $42000, when they are selling the same vehicle close to 55k+tax in the used market. I regret having ever dealt with these people.

Privately, I am getting interest from lots of people, while I am asking for the mid-high 50s, and that is still 10k less than a new one costs, which is a steal of a deal.

Will keep you guys posted!
These cars are so amazing! If you need market value data, send me a message, I can assist you.
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