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Wife driving, me on passengers seat. Before she pulls out onto the street, the 'tire slip' yellow indicator comes on and stays on (there was no slippage, she drives very slowly).

In another 15-20 seconds - at about 25 mph steady, the car starts lurching back and forth violently, like a stall. I ask her to get her foot off the gas - she does - and the lurching stops.

Withing another minute or so - same 25 mph - the lurching starts again. I notice that the tach is oscillating +- 200 rpm. She lets off the gas again and it stops.

Not we pull into a parking lot and all the warning signs are lit up on the instrument cluster. Message says - General malfunction.

We call call Infiniti Connection and they say we have to call Roadside Assistance, and call drops before they can connect.

We were pretty close to home so I asked my wife to shut down the car and restart to see if that worked. She did - and everything went back to normal!

Going to the dealer later this week, and this is clearly not something that I can replicate in any way. Given that it disappeared with a restart, I am guessing this was some software error rather than a mechanical problem.

Thankfully this happened at only 25mph on a residential street. Same thing at highway speeds may have been quite scary.

Note that this was not the CVT shudder - which we have experienced and is much less jerky. That is more like the transmission slipping. Here it was full scale engine rpms fluctuating.
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