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We just purchased a 2014 QX60 last week (32,000 miles). My wife promptly left for a trip to the Gulf Coast. We had the car one day.
While there, she called me and her battery went dead over night. I thought she had not shut the car down properly and had left it in ACC mode.
That was not the problem. The battery was checked and it is good. It occurred 3 more times. She finally made it home last evening with out a problem once she was boosted yesterday morning.
I struggled last night to find the issue or to resolve it, but it seems that after everything i could do, the Nav screen stays on. The car was dead this am.

I could not find anything online and I have tried to search this forum today.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I need to get some work done and not run to and fro. LOL

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I'm confused. Are you saying the Nav screen stays on after you shut the car off? That would be a very weird thing, and something to see the dealer about. Your car is still under warranty, so that shouldn't be a problem.

My first inclination when I see posts like this, or get an inquiry from a customer is one of two things. Either the battery is bad and needs replacing (unusual on a 3 year old car, but not unheard of). Or more likely, there's a light somewhere in the car that's not turning off. In the QX60 the suspect lights are the two in the ceiling of the 2nd row. They don't turn themselves off, even if the car goes into battery saver mode. The other would be the light in the trunk / rear door. If those aren't the culprit, then get thee to the dealer to have it sorted out.
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