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Activating Alarm on QX60 w/o using keyfob

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I was wondering if there is a way to activate the alarm on a QX60 without having to do so by hitting the "lock" button on my keyfob.

I know that the car can be locked by hitting the little button on the door's handle twice, but I am not sure that it also activates the alarm (at least I don't hear the brief horn sound like I do when I use the keyfob).

Does anyone know of a way? It'll certainly be useful not to ever have to take the keyfob out of your pocket!

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The horn sound activates when you use the fob, it just 'lightly' beeps when pressing the button on the door handle. There is a setting you can change so it doesn't honk the horn when you press the button on the fob as well. I changed it to this since I did not like it loudly honking in my garage if I used the fob, but I found the non honking alert when using the fob annoying so I changed it back on mine. The settings to change this are done thru the small screen between the tach and speedometer analog gauges.

And you said "I know that the car can be locked by hitting the little button on the door's handle twice" but mine locks by pressing the button on the door handle once. It unlocks the drivers door only if I press once, and unlocks all the doors if I press twice. But once opened, one press locks all the doors.
Confirming Paradox's comments - hitting the little button on the driver's door handle handle once locks and arms the alarm when all the other doors are closed.
If you lock the car, the alarm is activated. Not sure? Leave a window open and lock it. Then reach in and open the car without using the keyfob or the button on the outside door handle to unlock. This happens in our showroom about once a week. Customer (or kid) locks the car when they get out. Next customer reaches in and unlocks the car and opens the door. Whole place stops everything for 2-3 minutes while we find the key and unlock the car to stop the incessant honking inside the showroom.
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Thanks for the responses. I knew I could count on the collective wisdom to figure this one out. And apologies for confusing the one-touch-of-the-button to lock and two-touches to unlock point.

Sinecure - I'll try out the quick experiment you mentioned!
Speaking about vehicle security, would you guys ever look into a more advanced aftermarket security system?
I wouldn't since I feel comfortable with the Infiniti system. A few years ago I purchased two work cargo vans and converted them for my nurse educators. I had the installer put on a secondary alarm system. What a pain in the neck! One nurse could figure out how to set it and disarm it, but the other never could figure it out. She used to set it off all the time and it would take 5 minutes to re-set. Needless to say, when I transferred the vehicle to the Police Department, they immediately killed the second alarm system.

Also, I had a Ford Windstar with an after market alarm system installed. It was a nice system, but when one of the sensors started going bad, it set off the alarm all the time. The Ford dealership would not fix it, and I couldn't get another shop to fix the problem. We ended up disabling the system by cutting the main wires to the battery.
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Good info guys, thanks for helping out!
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