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AC and Heat do not blow out of the vents!

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I need Help!

I have a 2015 QX60
I have a 2 part issue

Part 1
My ac line contentious to freeze.... Its now cold and the heat is on.... this should not be happening.

Part 2
After driving the car for about 30 min the AC or Heat will not come out of the vents. The blower sounds like a jet engine by the glove box.

This issue has been going on for about a year now and I'm over it. I have taken this to a mechanic and they kept the car for a week and "Cant Replicate The Issue" Not sure what else to do. I don't have all the money in the world to take to multiple mechanics. I am Savvy when it comes to fixing things but not diagnostics.

Things that have been replaced
The AC lines have been blown out a few times.
New Compressor
New Blower Motor
New Cabin Air Filter
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My dealer replaced the blower motor a few days ago but the issue came back. They could not replicate it at pickup but I was able to in about 10 minutes the next day. Took it back today after the air stopped blowing and it was...the cabin air filter. It was getting sucked up into the airway and they could even see it this time when I brought it in. I will be putting some miles on it the next few days to see if that is the case, since they just left it out.

Could be a cheap filter or the frame that holds it is cracked, either way this may be it. If the other drivers are still having issues, try taking your filter out (you can easily do it yourself) and drive it for a while and see if that fixes it.
So did this fix hold up and completely resolve your issue?
I am going to try this as ours just went out AGAIN 100 miles into a 280 mile drive today. Its 39 degrees outside and we have kids in the car. I told my wife, that's it - this [email protected]#ing 2015 QX60 is going in the trash and we are getting a new car. But I am hopeful this will fix it as I've never heard of this fix but have been to dealers and mechanics enough in the last 1.5 years with the same issue.
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