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This is our new to us 2014 AWD. I still haven't had a chance to do a proper shoot, but here are a couple of cell phone pics (after some Lightroom editing) from today.

Since purchasing I have:

- replaced headlight bulbs with 8000K (like my other two cars)
- replaced fogs with yellow PIAAs (I have yellow LEDs for the other two cars)
- replaced running light (is that what it's called?) in the headlamp with white LED
- replaced license plate lights with white LEDs
- replaced reverse lights with white LEDs
- installed matching chrome license plate cover and screw covers
- installed our decade old vanity plate in front, which has been in every one of my cars
- replaced all foot well lights, dome lights, cargo bay light and passenger lights with white LEDs
- installed new OEM floor mats
- had 20% tints installed on front windows to match rest of car
- had 5% tint installed on sunroof
- installed OEM style aftermarket roof cross bars in same color as pre-installed roof rails
- installed functioning shark fin antenna in matching color to roof rails and cross bars
- purchased new Michelin Premier LTX tires
- had all tires balanced
- taken to have oil service done
- replaced front rotors and brake pads
- serviced brake system and replaced brake fluid
- painted calipers, rotors and most of the undercarriage black
- installed AWD chrome logo to match QX60 logo
- added cargo net
- replaced all windshield wipers with RainX metal free wipers

At this point the only thing I'm missing is to purchase and install running boards (we need them) and get the interior detailed and exterior waxed.
Boy, has this car been expensive in the first month :D


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Heh. I never gave much thought to the shark fin antenna. Looks cool like that.

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Thank you everyone. I'm enjoying the car. I think it suits me well. Already ordered the running boards, can't wait to get them installed :)
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