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Right from the start, we had some issues regarding the setup of various controls. I blamed myself. It wasn't me. 1 or 2 "updates" seemed to cure some of the issues. But 1 is really bad and has not been fixed. The illumination for the middle control panel (contains temperature controls etc) has a mind of its own. When headlights are on "auto" the panel illumination is sometimes bright, then switches to dim and will even switch off (so I can't see 90% of the controls!). These occurrences have nothing to do w changes in the outside/daylight/natural lighting. They are random. When I turn the headlights to "off", the panel illuminates in full, brightly and beautifully. But I can't drive around w my headlights off! Dealer has admitted they see this same or very similar panel lighting issue in other 2023s. It has been 3 months, and 4000+ miles, w no solution. Now they are hoping Infiniti will tell them how to override the sensors and/or the switches (or whatever) and just lock in the panel illumination at full brightness. ??? Anyone else experiencing this issue w a 2022 or 2023? Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks.
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