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Hello all, and first time poster here; 2nd time Infiniti owner, 20 year Nissan product owner, and first time QX60 owner.

Just picked up my 2022 qx60 AWD Autograph, and was able to pay MSRP (although it seem like every model comes loaded from the factory with extra accessories that pad another $1k+ to the sticker price). Unfortunately, my ride also came with a roof rack and the cargo package. But considering other cars came with significantly more, I can’t complain too much.

All dealerships in my area (Washington DC Metro) are providing $1k discount for existing Infiniti/Nissan owners, and most are pricing at MSRP or a $500-1000 markup.

From an inventory perspective, I received a call from two different dealers the same week, informing me that the exact model I was looking for was available. And a 3rd said they had about a dozen QX60’s being delivered within the next 6 weeks. So it looks like supply is opening up, which hopefully means costs will stay at MSRP or come down a little bit.

Anybody seeing the same?
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