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2020 QX60 Pure need Roof rails, Years compatible???

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On Ebay I see a 2015 QX60 being parted out. They have roof rails at a good price. Their ad says 2014-2020 compatible. When I look on the Infiniti parts site it shows 2019-2020. Anyone ever add roof rails to their QX60 Pure??? And most of all will a 2015 work? The tips of the 2015 are black so that works. Thanks
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They should work, MY 14-20 is compatible , make sure whatever you buy includes the mounting screws. The small filler pieces pop out vey easily and the mounts are beneath. I bought mine on EBay, didn’t like the mounting screws so bought stainless items from the hardware store.
I bought one from ebay for my 2019 QX60 and it fit good:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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