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I bought a 2017 QX60 AWD back in March near Toronto.

  • I am hearing a noise while slowing down (foot off the gas) between 70kmh and 40kmh.
  • The sound gets louder when closer to 40kmh and disappears below 40kmh.
  • As soon as I break or accelerate again the sound disappears again.

I took it to two dealership and both of them are not able figure out where the sound is coming from.
One dealership said inifniti is aware of this problem but the sound is normal. Other dealership says its the sound of the transmission while slowing down.

I test drove another 2017 QX60 which did not had the same sound. I am not getting much help from these dealerships however will try one more dealership. The sound is very much audible most of the time while driving in city and its very irritating. This is something not expected from infinity and very much disappointed :(

Any one had similar issues ? what can I do next ? I will try to post a video on the same.

I had a 2015 QX60 back in US which did not not had such issue.

Thank you
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