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Hi All,
I just got my "2017 QX60 Asgard Grey Metallic - BASE MODEL" and I'm loving it. I'm thinking of doing some upgrades and wondering if anyone has some thoughts.

Since I don't have the BOSE Premium Audio, I find the sound quality average so I'd like to do better. Compared to my Fender Audio system in my 2015 GTI, it's hard to switch between the two. Since I love bass, I'm wondering if I can simply purchase the BOSE subwoofer and plug it into the trunk with the existing system? If not, does anyone have a recommendation on possible improvements?

I also find that since the vehicule is quite big, the 18" rims that came with it look rather small. I'm thinking of buying some summer rims and keeping the 18" for winter. First off, maybe someone here has some 20"+ originals or after market they are looking to sell? Or else, any recommendations on some budget 20"+ sites or deals?

Thanks all!
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