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2017 Engine Sludge= New Engine?

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Weird problem. I just bought a used 2017 QX60 with 30k miles on it from CarMax less than a week ago. It is leaking oil and is still under carmax warranty so I took it in. They first told me it needed a new front valve gasket but when they took it apart they noticed that their was sludge in the engine. They recommend that we returned the car with CarMax's 7 day return policy and found something else. I asked about fixing the issue and they said the only solution was the replace the entire engine which I could have them do since it is still under their warranty. The engine work would be done by the Infiniti dealer on CarMax's dime unless Infiniti decided it was covered by manufacturers warranty. We have no service records on the car.

Soooo the question is do you...
1)Return the car and find another one?
2)Keep the car and get a new free engine?

What do you guys think?
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I don't blame CarMax either, just more of a statement of fact that it can be an inherent challenge of buying vehicles from places like that, where service records are typically incomplete, if available at all.

That being said, if sludge in the engine is the extent of the issues with that vehicle, it would stand to reason that replacing the engine would be the fix. If the previous owner took it to their local Infiniti dealership to have it serviced while they had it, perhaps a trip to your local dealer would be in order to see if service records carry over and all Infiniti dealers have access to see what service was done at any other location. At least you could get a feel for what other issues, if any, have been looked at and fixed on this specific vehicle. And for a vehicle as new as yours, if they never took it to a dealer for much of any service at that point, I would probably go another direction because it's hard to say what other issues their lack of maintenance will cause down the road. I feel like if the previous owner either leased or bought that vehicle, they should have taken it to the dealer for most of their maintenance since it would have been under original warranty, presumably. So if they can't pull up many or any service records, YIKES
If the engine has sludge in it to the point of needing to be replaced after only 2 years and 30K miles, I believe it is safe to assume it was never serviced. What kind of condition is the transmission in, has it ever been serviced? What about the brake fluid and engine coolant? Did it run hot and burn the oil to cause the sludge and the valve cover leak? Are the radiator, water pump and thermostat okay? Does it have any evidence of flood damage? Bottom-line, sludge build up in a 2017 with only 30K miles is not normal at all!

You may be fine with an engine replacement, you may not. The vehicle should have 2 years and 30K remaining on the factory bumper to bumper warranty. If you keep it, consider purchasing an extended warranty to cover you after the bumper to bumper expires until you pay it off -- I'd ask CarMax pay for the extended warranty to compensate you for you having to replace the engine...within 7 days of buying it. If they don't, I'd give it back to them and walk away. Then again, I wouldn't purchase a used vehicle unless it was factory CPO for fear of going through what your going through.
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The transmission fluid needs to be flushed every 30,000 miles— has that been done? If you plan to keep it forever you don’t have to worry about resale value. If you plan on trading it in before it’s paid off you do and should heed yeller‘s advice —my 2 cents
You need to inquire with an attorney. You should be able to go 7K miles without sludging an engine to the point it needs replacement, if you have records to prove it was regularly maintained and the correct oil was used. How many miles are on the engine, where was it maintained, and what oil was used? Where's is the warning in your owner's manual that warns you of sever engine damage if you don't change the oil every 5K miles?
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