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2016 QX60 P0507 and odd Behavior in ECO mode

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So I have a vary interesting issue with my uncles 2016 qx60 2wd where when in ECO mode the radiator fans run at 100% all the time if the A/C is off, the idle is random and erratic but will not go below 1k and sometimes stick at 2k, and the accelerator pedal feels as if there is a dead spot when trying to lightly accelerate and the MPG is horrendous but once pushed passed this spot that gets it above 2k rpm its fine. The P0507 is randomly pops up only when in ECO mode as well. I have confirmed no vac leaks, and intake/TB gaskets all good. I did everything I could and discovered this with my limited tools and time with the car. If in any other modes the car 100% drives and acts perfectly fine and easily obtains advertised MPG. I accidently discovered the mode setting solving the issue by accident as I was chasing the sole P0507 which showed up randomly by deciding to drive the car in std and the sport just too see if there was any differenace.
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