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Ok so I have searched a lot on this subject and everyone seems to agree that the mirrors do not auto fold but only power fold by activating the switch. However this was only for the QX/JX from 2013 to 2014 I believe. I have not found anything regarding the 2016 model QX60.

Within the last month I acquired a 2016 QX60 fully loaded and while scrolling through the factory service manual for the 2016 QX60, I came across something to do with the around view monitor control unit and an auto mirror fold function. Attached is an image of what I am talking about. In the factory service manual, it's on page AV-686 Diagnosis System (Around View Monitor Control Unit) [Bose Audio W/Navi W/Surround] under Work Support.

It states...
Support Item - "Parts with door mirror auto fold func"

Setting - "On / Off"

Description - "Performs setting of auto fold mirror function"

Has anyone tried the dealer on this or does anyone have an idea if this means what I think it means? Does anyone have a friend that works as a tech and can look into someone's 2016 QX60 system that has Bose audio with navi and with surround? This will be helpful to a lot of people that are disappointed by not having auto folding mirrors on a $57k vehicle. Should be standard in my opinion. Just my .02
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