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2016 Infiniti QX60

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Any word on changes (if any) for the 2016? The 2016 model year would possibly see a refresh. They really gotta do something about the power. I had a rental (2015) Toyota Sienna for a few days and that thing felt a good deal quicker than our "premium" SUV. Also, the Sienna seemed quieter on the road too. I feel like I'm in the minority on this, but I find the QX60 to be loud, especially over bad roads. To me, the car relies on quiet tires, rather than good sound insulation.
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I've got a brand new QX60 a little over a week ago, but already made an out-of-state trip and put over a thousand miles on it. So I think it's safe for me to have an opinion on the car.
IMO QX60 is somewhat loud and slow. It's not even the volume of the sound it's the sound itself that makes you feel like the engine is overworking. I know in reality it's just how its tuned. But overall my biggest complain would be the quickness of the car (or the lock of it) especially from zero up. When car is already moving it's not bad, but from the traffic light if feels like the engine needs to really work hard to move the car. And this statement comes from someone who's use to an older model MDX, thus I am not comparing it to a sport car of some sort. Overall I like QX60 very much. Great design, tech is second to none. Handling is outstanding (I was making a 90' turn at almost 40MPR on the wet road, didn't slide even for an inch!). But I think for next update an extra 20-30-40 HP would be a wonderful upgrade...
drive it on the Sport Mode .. different feeling from Standard.
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