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2015 QX60 Illuminated Kick Plates

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I have the Tech pkg on my '15 QX60 and I see the illuminated kick plates are installed but they don't light up as I believe they are only connected on the Touring pkg.
Does anyone know how to connect these so they will illuminate?
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Question makes no sense. If the car has IKP and they don't light up, take back to dealer. Make sure they really don't light though. Look at them in the dark first. You can have Illuminated Kick Plates on any level car. And for the $400 Infiniti charges for them, they **** well better light up.
The IKP is listed separately as a $400 feature and is not part of any package. Our qx came with the premium, premium plus pkgs and drivers assist. All 3 were listed in the features, and IKP was listed separately under them.

You need to ask the dealer if the kick plate actually lights up. We test drove a qx a few weeks ago and it had what looked like the illuminated kickplate but the salesman told us this one didn't have this feature which is why it didn't light up. We just purchased ours a week ago and we made sure this option was included in the vehicle we chose.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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