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2014 QX60 Walk Around Video

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A glimpse into the new QX60 by Infiniti.

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Nice video! I think I watched it a good 4 times. I really like this car. My heart was set on the Audi Q7 wish is so darn cute. However, the feedback, the review, the rating, and the lack of customer service made me run away from the Q7. I have to say though, heads turn when that Q7 comes across the road EACH and EVERY time.

I love the feel, the interior, the features, (and some of the bells and whistles) of the QX60.
I should be getting one tomorrow and will post pictures soon.

It's hard to go wrong when choosing between Audi & Infiniti. If you're interested I have Audi Walk Around Videos as well. Just check out the channel at
Talk about coming back and re-awakening a thread from a slumber (9/2/13 ---> 1/6/15), lol.

Good video though, I like vids and pics that aren't staged in a studio by the manufacturer.
Haha thanks! Better late than never:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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