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Hi All,
I will soon be towing a 3500 lb (gross weight) camper with my 2014 QX60 hybrid. I will be pushing the 3500 lb limit once gear is loaded into the camper, but there is some room for cargo weight in the vehicle.
I do have an added 8 year 120k warranty, so will be watching and occasionally documenting the overall loading (vehicle, axles, camper and tongue weight) to ensure the warranty stays intact.

The only problem I have had with the vehicle was the sun visors. I took my vehicle in for service one day and the dealer said they were slightly loose and would replace them under warranty during service. It is nice to get service like this without even asking.

Does anyone know if there is a quality aftermarket transmission cooler add-on available for my vehicle? There is no Infinity add-on.
The local Infinity dealer parts department recommended Jotech, but I think they only do high performance work on G35/37 and the Nisson Z and GT-R platforms.

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