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2014 Infiniti QX60 - Manual Shift Mode

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Shift ranges can be selected manually when the shift lever is placed in the manual shift gate. In the manual shift mode, the shift range is displayed on the position indicator in the meter. While in the manual shift mode:

• Moving the selector lever to the + (or up) side will shift the transmission to a higher range.
• Moving the selector lever to the - (or down) side will shift the transmission to a lower range.

Use 7th gear for all normal forward driving at highway speeds.

Use 5th and 6th gear when driving up long slopes, or for engine braking when driving down long slopes.

4th through 2nd gears can also be used for hill climbing or engine braking on downhill grades.

1st gear can be used for climbing steep hills slowly, driving slowly, or for maximum engine braking on steep downhill grades.

Do not drive at high speeds for extended periods of time in lower than 7th gear. This reduces fuel economy.

To cancel the manual shift mode, return the shift lever to the normal driving mode.
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