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2014 Infiniti QX60 - Climate Controls

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This is the climate control panel for your vehicle.

The AUTO mode may be used all year round. The system automatically regulates and maintains fan speed, airflow and temperature in the cabin. To turn the system ON, press the AUTO button. The indicator light turns ON when the system is activated.

Pressing the DEFROST button or changing the fan speed or airflow mode turns off the AUTO function and switches the system to manual control. To reactivate automatic control, press the AUTO button.

To turn the entire climate control system OFF, press the OFF button.

Your vehicle has separate temperature control buttons for the driver and front seat passenger. Press the button with the blue down arrow to set a lower temperature or the button with the red up arrow to set a warmer temperature.

If you want to adjust the passenger side temperature independently from the driver's side, press the DUAL button or press the passenger's side temperature control buttons up or down. The DUAL control indicator and the passenger's side temperature will be displayed on the monitor.

If the DUAL mode is not active, the driver's temperature control buttons set the temperature for both the driver and passenger. To switch back to driver control when the DUAL mode is active, press the DUAL button again.

Press the air flow control button repeatedly to cycle through these four air flow choices:

• Air will flow from center and side vents.
• Air will flow from center, side and foot outlets.
• Air will flow mainly from foot outlets.
• Air will flow from the defroster and foot outlets.

The selected air flow mode is displayed on the monitor.

To manually turn the air conditioning ON or OFF, press the CLIMATE button and then touch the A/C key on the screen.

Intake air control is automatically regulated in AUTO mode. Press the intake air control button to manually alternate between recirculating inside air and drawing outside air into the cabin. The indicator light on the button will illuminate when the recirculating mode is active.

The air recirculation mode increases air conditioning efficiency and helps block outside odors from entering the cabin.

To return to automatic control of the air intake mode, press and hold the air intake control button for approximately 2 seconds until the indicator light flashes twice.

Use the fan speed control buttons to adjust the fan speed. Press this button to increase fan speed. Press this button to decrease fan speed. When you manually change fan speeds, it turns off the automatic climate control mode. To return to automatic climate control, press the AUTO button.

To defrost or defog the front and side windows, press the DEFROST switch. The indicator light will illuminate. Airflow will be directed to the front and side windows.

In the DEFROST mode, the Air Conditioner activates automatically at temperatures above 36 degrees and the air recirculation mode automatically turns off, allowing outside air to be drawn into the passenger compartment to improve the defogging and deicing performance. For windshield deicing, the temperature and fan speed should be at the highest settings.

To defrost or defog the rear window and the outside mirrors, push the REAR WINDOW DEFROSTER switch. The indicator light will illuminate. After defrosting, push the switch again to turn OFF. If not turned OFF manually, this feature will automatically deactivate after a period of time.

There is a temperature sensor located on top of the dashboard near the windshield that helps regulate the automatic climate control settings. Keep this area clear of papers and other materials.

For the comfort of your rear passengers, your vehicle is equipped with rear climate controls.

To control the rear automatic air conditioning system with the front air conditioner control, press the REAR button. When the rear automatic air conditioner control is turned on, the indicator light on the rear button illuminates and the front display screen switches to the REAR AIR-CONDITIONING screen.

Press the REAR button again and the REAR AIR-CONDITIONING screen will no longer be visible. The REAR button will remain illuminated and the rear passengers will then have control of the rear climate controls.

These are the rear climate controls. Press the up or down fan buttons to control the fan speed. A comfortable temperature can be selected by locating the TEMP button and pressing the arrows either up or down for warmer or cooler temperatures.

The AUTO button on the rear climate controls puts the system in AUTO mode, which automatically regulates the settings for the rear cabin based on the set temperature. The AUTO mode is disabled if the rear passengers manually increase or decrease the fan speed.

Press the OFF button to turn off the rear climate controls
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2018 Infiniti QX60 - Climate Controls Display Settings

Does anyone know how to change the climate display settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
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I found this in the manual for the 2015-

The temperature that displays in the vehicle information
display can be changed from:
● °F (Fahrenheit)
● °C (Celsius)
Use the ENTER button to toggle choices.
To return to automatic control of the air intake mode, press and hold the air intake control button for approximately 2 seconds until the indicator light flashes twice.
I'm not following this statement. Is "Air Intake' the re-circulation button, and when held for 2 seconds it moves back to auto?
I did come up with a question relating to this on my 2015 QX60 over the weekend. I had the radio turned off and noticed (perhaps this has always been there and I just noticed) the sound of air coming out of a vent. However I had the front and rear climate controls turned off. I physically placed my and over every vent I could reach from the driver's seat, but felt zero airflow. Am I going crazy? Or is there an otherwise reasonable explanation of what this sound is? It's kinda driving me nuts now that I've heard it. It seems to continue even when I turn on the climate control. Anyone have any clue what this could be!? and how to turn it off, or down so it's not as noticeable?
Have the seat cooler on?

That's so funny! When I first read this, in my mind I was like "it was 27 degrees outside this morning when I woke up. I'm not an idiot, no my seat cooler isn't on!" Then I walked out to the parking lot just now to check it out. Sure enough, I'm an idiot and that's EXACTLY what the sound was LOL! Turned the seat cooler off, the sound of rushing air went away LOL!!! THANK YOU!!!!! :D
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