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Your vehicle's audio system features an AM/FM radio, a CD player, and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, if so equipped.

Press the VOLUME ON/ OFF knob to turn the audio system on. Turn the knob to adjust the volume.

Press the FM/AM button to set the radio band to AM, FM1 or FM2. For SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, press the XM button to set the radio band as XM1, XM2 or XM3.

A radio station can be found manually by turning the TUNE/ FOLDER/ AUDIO knob left or right to move up or down the dial through the stations. Press the SEEK/ CATEGORY/ TRACK button left or right to seek and stop at the next or previous broadcast station or XM category.

Press the SCAN button while in AM or FM mode to stop at each broadcasting station for five seconds. Press the SCAN button a second time to cancel scan tuning.

Up to 6 AM stations, 12 FM stations and 18 SiriusXM® channels can be set into memory. To set a desired station:

• Press the FM/AM or XM button to select the desired band,
• Tune the desired station using the TUNE/ FOLDER/ AUDIO knob, SEEK/ CATEGORY/ TRACK button or SCAN button, then
• Press and hold the desired station key, one through six, until the radio mutes.

To play a stored station, select the radio band where it was stored and then press the corresponding button, one through six. AM and FM presets can also be recalled by touching the LIST key on the screen and then touching the desired preset.

To play a CD, insert the compact disc into the slot with the label side facing up. The disc will be guided into the slot and begin playing automatically. If the radio is already operating, it will automatically turn off and the compact disc will play.

To switch the audio system to play a CD that is already loaded while another audio source is active, press the DISC-AUXILIARY button repeatedly until the CD mode is shown on the display.

When playing a CD, the SEEK/ CATEGORY/ TRACK button:

• Seeks the next track when the right side of the button is pressed,
• Fast forwards the current track when the right side of the button is pressed and held,
• Returns to the beginning of the current track and then seeks the previous track when the left side of the button is pressed, and
• Rewinds the current track when the left side of the button is pressed and held.

If the CD contains compressed audio files stored in folders, turning the TUNE/ FOLDER/ AUDIO knob moves through the folders.

To apply a random or repeat play pattern, touch the MENU key and then the PLAY MODE key. Touch the key of the desired play pattern to apply. The various random and repeat play modes can also be cycled through by pressing the RANDOM/ REPEAT button.

Press the eject button to eject the CD.

This audio system is equipped with Speed Sensitive Volume (SSV), which increases volume at higher speeds and decreases it at lower speeds.

To enable or adjust the SSV:

• Press the SETTING button on the control panel,
• Touch the AUDIO key,
• Then touch the plus or minus keys on the Speed Sensitive Volume line.

The system will turn off when set to the lowest setting.

The same setting screen can be used to adjust bass, treble, balance or fade. Touch the plus or minus keys to change the bass or treble levels. Touch the L or R key to move the balance left or right, and the F or R key to fade the audio to the front or the rear of the vehicle.

For information on USB and iPod® features available with this audio system, please go to the USB/iPod® Interface chapter in the Vehicle Control section.

For information on the Bluetooth® streaming audio feature, please see the Bluetooth® streaming audio chapter in the Bluetooth® Technology section.
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