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Replace engine oil and filter
Replace brake fluid
Replace in-cabin microfilter
Lubricate the propeller shaft (For QX56 4WD models)
Rotate tires (refer to page 11 for exceptions)
Inspect the following:
__ Automatic transmission fluid
__ Axle & suspension parts
__ Brake lines & cables
__ Brake calipers, pads, rotors
__ Brake light & cruise control switches
__ CVT fluid
__ Differential oil
__ Drive shaft boots (4WD/AWD)
__ Exhaust system
__ Front suspension ball joints
__ Manual transmission oil
__ Propeller shaft (4WD/AWD/RWD)
__ Steering gear and linkage
__ Steering linkage ball joints
__ Transfer case oil (4WD/AWD)

Has anyone had this done yet? Approximate costs?
I bought a certified vehicle at 17k and for some reason did not have the 15k service completed..

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15k services are considered the "minor" ones. I would say it is about 50% of people that will do this. The major services are every 30k miles. I am not sure on cost, so someone will have to chime in there. You may be able to have the dealership you got it from complete this service for you if it is certified, so give your dealership a call.

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My finance person told me at signing that the brake fluid had to be replaced every 12,000 miles. He told me this while trying to sell me the maintenance package. I've owned Infiniti's for 8 years, and never had to do this. I know there was a brake issue with this car, I wonder if it has something to do with this? And if so, why do we have to suffer the cost?
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