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120v capacity

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Has anyone had experience with heavy loads on the 120v outlet in the theater package. , you son wants to connect his PS4. I use air pumps for camping that often tripped the 120v outlet on my old Acadia. When the qx60 exceeds capacity how do I reset it? In my Acadia I just unplugged and replaced and all was good.
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You can search the online manual anytime by googling for it.

The power outlets are for powering electrical
accessories such as cellular telephones. They
are rated at 12 volt, 120W (10A) maximum.
The power outlets are powered only when the
ignition switch is in the ACC or ON position.

● Do not use accessories that exceed a
120V, 150W power draw. Do not use
double adaptors or more than one electrical accessory
It says right on it max 150w, I think the OP is more asking how to reset it if it trips; does it auto reset or will it blow a fuse? I personally don't know.

As for a ps4, I do know it pulls around 140w to 150w while playing more graphic intensive games like killzone shadowfall and a little less for other titles. So depending on games being played it can get close, right up to the max. Also, the power supply in a ps4 is capable of outputting even more than 150w if needed so...

Also keep in mind the theater package in our vehicles has no hdmi input and doesn't do HD. Lame.
It also looks like if the defroster, headlights or AC are running, it takes up part of that 150w.

As for how to reset it, the manual doesn't say. I'd call the service department to find out. Maybe it's as easy as shutting it off and restarting.
Can't imagine the 120v shares a circuit with the lights and ac. I hope it is as automatic as my Acadia when it trips... Just unplug and plug back in. I have used a standard power strip on my Acadia with no problems.
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