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  1. QX60 Issues/Problems
    Air wasn’t blowing out of the rear vents on our 2017 QX60 so we brought it to the dealer (have cpo wrap warranty still). They replaced the blower motor, resistor, and intake door actuator. Air blows out again but the heat is very weak after the car is up to temperature. AC blows full blast...
  2. How-To Forum
    Hi everyone. Is there a way to have the temperature regulated to what you want during remote start for a 2019 QX60? After I remote start for about 7 mins and go into the car, it's blowing out cold air and is not on the settings that I left it on when I turned the car off.
  3. QX60 Issues/Problems
    I need Help! I have a 2015 QX60 I have a 2 part issue Part 1 My ac line contentious to freeze.... Its now cold and the heat is on.... this should not be happening. Part 2 After driving the car for about 30 min the AC or Heat will not come out of the vents. The blower sounds like a jet engine...
1-3 of 3 Results