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2017 QX60 @ 83k

I’ve had my ‘17 since March 2018 purchased with 15k miles on it, currently at 83k some impressions.
Solid and secure feeling vehicle that has been virtually trouble free, it will carry everything I need it to, returns decent mpg (22-25) and basically will take the beating that I can give it without a whimper. What’s gone wrong you ask?
Electric cooling fans the shroud warped causing a LOUD vibration and noise, replaced at NC with free loaner.
Electric Coupling that engages/disengages AWD wasn’t disengaging again replaced at NC no problem.
Original equipment tires Toyo Summit replaced at 42k with Sumitomo enhance cx wearing and performing well they should take me thru the winter.
I use the selling dealer occasionally for service (buyer beware a lot of $200 fuel injection cleaner for sale here) a local Nissan shop, and my preferred indy a factory Nissan Tech with his own shop.
I see no reason to get rid of it, so I will continue to roll up the miles and impressions. Keep in mind when I bought this car because it had 15k on it I received a 5year unlimited mileage bumper to bumper warranty. I don’t know if they understood that it might mean 200k miles, but so far I don’t see why it won’t.
I change the oil and filter religiously and rotate/balance tires every 10k, 4 wheel alignment spring and fall.
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You're definitely a higher mileage driver than I am. I've had my '17 since March of '17 .. so about 31 months .. and have 22K on it. Also virtually trouble-free beyond the infotainment system. It will swallow 8' long lumber placed diagonally & still close the hatch but it would have been nicer if they'd engineer the loading area & cargo floor to take 4'-wide materials like plywood & drywall.

I'm hoping to get through this winter on the OEM tires & replace them next spring. My lifetime MPG is only 18.4MPG; I'm disappointed as my last 2 cars I've beaten EPA estimates and expected to match, if not beat, estimates on the Infiniti.

I like my QX60 a lot but I can't say I love it. It has the Premium, Premium+, & Deluxe Tech packages and it pains me to say it but my wife's Hyundai that stickered for half the price has better technology.
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Mine is also ‘17 will be 3 year old early next month. Have about ~17K miles on it. Had to replace rear brakes earlier this year and looks like front tires will need to be replaced next year if they pass upcoming inspection.

Other then general maintenance, the driver heated relay melted so it stopped working, got it replaced under warranty. It worked noticeably well but over time it is not heating away as much again. Had it checked out but dealer said it is functioning as expected. I had used IR thermal scan and found it to be 10 degrees off when compared to passenger seat both were set to full heat in morning on a really cold NY morning. Never had this issue with my 2011 Murano and 2011 Pathfinder.

Other than that there are no real qualms about it. I hope it lasts 10 years like my Pathfinder and current 2011 Sienna.
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Some follow up:
I did the brakes at around 55k rotors and ceramic pads all-round-$900 at my independent mechanic, he mentioned that Infiniti/Nissan suggested Ceramic. They were a little different at first (a slightly less firm pedal) but they are fine now, and they lack brake dust. Most normal maintenance that you may feel daunting is common place at my mileage, I was quoted $1700 for brakes at the dealer I usually research, ie:ask a lot of questions, my wife and I are fortunate to have a very good working relationship with two Indy’s. Always remember that a place like Midas may be the best bet for normal maintenance outside of oil changes, they have new equipment and strick franchise regs to uphold.
Sorry for preaching but each time I’m at the dealer I meet people who are too eager to get serviced.
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Oh the two items that were fixed under warranty, fan shroud and AWD coupling each item had zero wait for parts (in stock) so these are usual problems more than likely on a TSB so press hard before you pay.
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I have almost 120k miles on my 15 now, running factory 20", first owner, located tri-state.

Ever since I got the car, engine oil (Mobile 1) changed every 5000 miles, transmission oil (OEM) changed, and differential oil changed every 25000-30000 miles.
Replaced 3 sets of brake pad, Running my third set of tires, OEM 20" tires suck, only last about 20k miles, second sets are Pirelli Scorpio, just OK. Then current set Michellin, amazing.
Replace my battery near 60k miles (you will notice it's coming, the car will idle 100-200 rpm higher, then a few days later, it's dead).
Replaced drive belt around 40K miles.
Replaced front end-link at 60k miles, and suspension shocks at 90K miles.

The first problem was the transmission jerking issue, went back to the dealership multiple times, by the time my car hits near 50k-ish miles(almost the end of the warranty), the %$#king dealership finally replaced the part for me. After that it's smooth. Yes, Ac fan started to make noise near 50K miles, brought back to the dealership, they ONLY replaced the fan blade for me. By the time 80k miles, the fan failed, you will know when it's coming. Your car temperature will not stay steady. AC not cold, and ended up overheating, not letting you start up the car. I experienced it during the summer.
So I replaced a factory fan (around $500-600 as I remember), plus labor total around $1000ish. My mechanic said whenever you wash your car, try to pop the hood, and rinse the gap between the radiator, and fan. There is a lot of dust, dirt, and etc blocking the airflow.

And now, I need to replace my front axles, whenever going through rough roads, the ride is really bad.
Overall, so far so good.
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thanks for your insights over time. I recall reading one your wrote up many months ago. I've had my QX60 for about 9 months now. Was a lease that was in phenomenal shape and low mileage for a 2015. Felt and drove like brand new; still does, really. I, too, have an unlimited mileage warranty, I want to say I may have even gotten them to write me a 7 year warranty that I paid just slightly more for? Don't quote me on that part, I'll have to go back and double check that. But like you said, I also had a fan shroud fail, creating an embarrassingly loud ticking noise. Was given a loaner and they had it fixed in a day, under warranty and at no cost to me. I believe at my last regularly scheduled oil change I also had them do the cabin filter, as I had heard mixed reviews on whether this was worth trying on your own. The car had brand new tires put on it by the dealership before I bought it and they rotated them for me at no charge. I take it in about every 3rd Saturday for complimentary washes, and have gotten to know the two main tech advisor guys at my local Dayton dealership fairly well. Super guys and so far I have been VERY impressed with their level of service. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on your QX60 as you continue on toward 200k!
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